Playground Ballerup, for Hampus Sculptural Playgrounds 2019.

Playground concept for a kindergarden in Ballerup 2019.
The concept was to create a small fairytale world within the spirit of Hampus, but also adapting the area and potential for play; by creating a small world for the children to adapt their own playfull narratives.

The playground as it looked before.
Here standing on the top of a hill, containing a huge concrete pipe; that was a question on whether to keep or discard; but became a nice feature and incorporated in the finished lay-out of the playground. Why waste a perfectly fine concrete pipe; when you can design around it?

The finished Lay-out of the design for the playground. 3D Credit: Casper Damkier.
Here the tunnel is present in the middle of the playground and is drawn from the concepts; that it should represent a small forest of pines and a divition of the playground; as a passage from one “town” to the other. 

Concept for the “Enchanted Forest”. 

Concept for the “Fishermens town”. Little cabins on legs, to keep you safe from the water. With the trawls hanging about to catch fish and children, when exploring the town of the fisher-men and women. 

Concept for the “Education-Cabins”. 
One of the initial drawings for the cabins; later altered for the purpose of construction. This is what I love with the design process; Start with whatever comes to mind; crazy if necessary; then after, make it realistic. 

Concept for the “Fire Cabin” – shaped with an invert lower part of the cabin, to create plateaus for sitting down, but also to give the cabin an odd shape to it, as if it is floating from the ground only held down by the supportive beams from its surrounding structure. 

Swedish Cabin/ Portland USA

Cabin drawn for Thomas Dambo art; in relation to a construction project for 2023; Portland USA. The cabin is drawn from a picture of an already existing cabin; providing a 3D model to work with in relation to further concept development. 

Playground for Tomsgårdsvej/ CPH

The concept is drawn for Hampus Playgrounds and in collaboration with SLA landscape architects and was built as a part of a larger landscaping project; finished in 2022. 

The aesthetics is slightly different from the standard Hampus playgrounds visual identity; as it is less fairytale and more nature inspired in its expression. The nest-like playground takes its inspiration, from the little huts we constructed as children, from the materials found in the forest; providing it a more natural blend-in with the landscape architecture of the newly established back-yard. 
As it was also a wish from the collaborating client; SLA, to explore the less colorful aesthetics and work with the concept of letting the playground bland-in as a natural part of the new arrangements. 

Shed proposal

Water playground

Concept proposal for an outdoor water-playground with an industrial aesthetics.  Proposal made for Hampus Sculptural playgrounds, when working as an intern. 

Proposal for an outdoor shed, with the need to contain charging facilities for electric vehicles and storage for waste sorting and containers.